A note from UTJ's Executive Director regarding the Jewish community of Madagascar

Dear Friends,

This May I was very proud to be part of a history making event in which UTJ members played an important part. From May 8-19 working together with Kulanu, an organization which reaches out to returning, emerging and isolated groups practicing Judaism we journeyed to Madagascar to teach, encourage and otherwise strengthen the Island's emerging Jewish community. The event was spearheaded by my wife Bonita Nathan Sussman who serves as vice-president of Kulanu. Over 100 conversions were conducted by a Bet Din in which Morasha member Rabbi Pinchas Klein played an important part while I was involved in conducting the Beit Midrash text study program. The trip to Madegascar exemplified the Morasha approach which is non-denominational, open and at the same time within the bounds of Halakhah.

Rabbi Gerald Sussman
Executive Director, UTJ

For more information, read the Times of Israel article at http://www.timesofisrael.com/in-remote-madagascar-a-new-community-chooses-to-be-jewish/ and watch the following video featuring Bonita Nathan Sussman and Rabbi and Pinchas and Miriam Klein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALzlkIcviGI