Hakham Sassoon on Some Halakhic And Historical Aspects of Independent Prayer Groups

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Hakham Isaac Sassoon, Senior Talmud Faculty member at the Institute of Traditional Judaism, the Metivta, presented a shiur on the theme of the day at the annual UTJ membership meeting on March 7.

New "Real Time" Torah Anywhere Course Offered

Rabbi Professor Edward Gershfield presents a new online shiur:

An overview of Biblical literature: Narrative, poetry, and prophecy, and their literary styles

It is designed for those who would like to develop a familiarity with Biblical language and literature as well as consider ideas that emanate from selected sections of Chumash (the Joseph story), Kings (the beginning and end of the reign of King David), Early and Late Prophets (Amos and Hoshea, Yirmiyahu) and the Ketuvim (Poetry of Psalms, Wisdom literature of Kohelet and Proverbs).

Hebrew background is not required but is helpful.

“Independence Day”: The Independent Minyan/Prayer Group Phenomenon

In a special one-day event, the Union for Traditional Judaism (UTJ) explores the rise – and fall – of independent prayer groups.

According to a 2008 survey, thousands of Jews have attended one of the dozens of independent minyanim across North America.

What is behind the growth of this phenomenon? Are these “indies” a reaction to the contemporary synagogue framework? What effect do they have on the evolution of Tefillah, the study of Torah, and the observance of Halakhah?

Torah Anywhere (where broadband Internet connection available)

It has long been the dream of our founders to be able to use technology to spread our Torah in a serious way and make our scholarship accessible to the broadest possible population. After investing many hours of thought and experimentation, we now have a system that will allow many students at once to participate from remote locations in face-to-face real-time shiurim.

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