Joining the Rabbinate

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In a moving event on Wednesday night September 9, 2009, the Institute of Traditional Judaism, the Metivta granted semikhah (rabbinic ordination) to five more men. It has now ordained 15 men who serve throughout the Jewish world.

New Rabbis Ordained - ITJ Chag Hasemikhah (Semikhah Celebration)

Some are already rabbis who took upon themselves rigorous additional learning. Others are young men who sought out a place that combined serious Torah learning with an halakhic approach to Jewish Law and observance that also fosters open-minded questioning.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, these students, ranging in age from their 30s to their 50s will come together to be ordained in a special Chag HaSemikhah ceremony at the Institute of Traditional Judaism (the Metivta), the educational arm of the Union for Traditional Judaism.

The Recent Rabbinic Scandal

The UTJ has released an official statement regarding the recent arrest of several New Jersey rabbis. Although no UTJ rabbis were associated with this scandal, the UTJ felt compelled to address this issue rather than remain silent....

In memory of the GRa”Sh (haGaon Rabbeinu Shaul)

Memorial Lecture for Prof. Saul Lieberman 5769

On Monday evening June 8, 2009, before a standing room only crowd at the JCC in Manhattan, Rabbi Dr. Alan Yuter, Talmud and Rabbinics senior faculty member of the Institute of Traditional Judaism, delivered a riveting talk on “The Personal Religion of Prof. Saul Lieberman: A Model for an Authentic Modern Orthodoxy.

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